Thursday, June 14, 2012

Current kids Photos

Sunday night PeeWee performance

Anah and her "BFF" Christen


.....also know as Hand, Foot, and Mouth. (No, not Foot and Mouth, aka Hoof and Mouth. That's for cows :) It's kinda like Chicken pox but without the itching. I guess everyone either gets it as a child or is exposed to it.

Rebekah got the worst of it. Not only did she get them on her hands and feet but every spot that had an eczema patch broke out into raw blisters.

The boys only got a few blisters; one or two on the hands and feet. Both the boys got them in the throat though. As of this post, Anah has not gotten sick yet!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mother's Day Brunch

I've always enjoyed going to the Mother's day brunch with my mom (this was formally know as the Mother/Daughter Banquet). Then when Rebekah came along the day brought special joy to be able to take my own daughter. It was special because it was more than just being a mother, it was being a mother to a daughter. Even though my own mother was not able to make it to this year's banquet, I was still overjoyed and proud to bring both my daughters.

 Even though it seems like the girls are much harder to raise than the boys, I look forward to raising them for God's glory and seeing what kind of young ladies they will become and someday godly young women.
I love you, my princesses!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dentist!!

What a blessing it was for God to provide a way for us to be able to take all the kids to their first dentist appointment. What was even more awesome was how clean their teeth actually were. And to top all that off was how well they all behaved!
Each child had a table to lay on and they could all see each other. Of course Josiah was thrilled to have the table closest to the tv. They sat perfectly still while their mouths were x-rayed....
and while the boys went first, Rebekah was encouraged to practice her brushing habits!
In the end we were congratulated on having children with clean teeth. We were also specifically told my the dentist himself, that he was amazed at how well behaved our two year old was. He also showed us the spot on his thumb where a two year old had bit him the week earlier. Apparently we have pretty special children....but we already knew that :)

Micah's Birthday (Feb. 21)

Here are some pictures from Micah's birthday last February. I am really starting to enjoy the small family parties. One year we tried a big party, inviting all the age appropriate kids from church and it was fun but.... I am enjoying the closeness that these family events bring. The kids are starting to learn that their brothers and sisters can truly be their best friends!