Monday, January 28, 2013

Bible Tradition

We have begun a family tradition. At age five the birthday child receives his/her first "good" Bible from mom and dad. We have been trying to teach our kids how to respect God's word, taking care of their Bible, and not to forget it in the car or at church. Thankfully these backpack Bibles are pretty sturdy.

Josiah's Birthday

Happy fifth birthday to my JoJo Bean!!

Josiah wanted a Captain America birthday. Another wonderful cake compliments of Mamaw :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Anah!!!1

It is with great joy that I announce to the world that my beautiful, baby Anah has turned 1!!!
It is with great sorrow that I also tell you I lost ALL the pictures of her birthday party. *sniff, sniff* *sooooooob*!!!!!!!!

So here is the birthday girl the morning of her birthday.

So don't get me started about the picture of her beautiful, handmade daisy cake (thank you mamaw!) and the video of her eating it, her birthday outfit......

Schooling Josiah

Josiah has been learning how to read this year along with some other K-4 activities. I still absolutly love Starfall for reading activities but I am also a big fan of notebook pages or free printable pages. Since things have been tight around here, we haven't purchased ink for our printer in a long time. I decided to come up with my own worksheets.

I won't deny that this takes a considerable amount of time to prepare but when your options are make them from scratch or don't school right now... I also carried this idea over to the calendars in my binder. (BTW As part of my new year's resolution I've started organizing our family schedule in a binder, but that could be a whole other post :)

These are two of the book that I checked out of our Christian School's library. They are very good for hands-on practice of the concept he is learning.