Monday, June 24, 2013


Puppets at the Library

Our library offers quite a few activities for children on a weekly basis. Yeah for free activities!!

Story time with puppets....

Josiah with his friend Clara. No one wanted to sit up close with Josiah so when one of his friends showed up, he grabbed her by the hand and asked her to sit with him :)

Active participation


So I know that it is almost July and that school has been out for a little while, but I am just getting around to posting about some of the awards Micah received during the school year.

These awards are for the 100% 's he received during the school year. His total: 75.

Timothy projects are the bible verses that a student recites from memory during the school year. Micah memorized 193 bible verses! He also competed 115 PACEs. Micah finished up the first grade (we stopped doing school the previous year when Anah was born), completed second grade and started the third grade.

Micah's plaque for the 7500 club (75 one hundred percents) was awarded to him Sunday morning before the church family.

I'm a very proud momma :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

More cuteness :)

Josiah color sorting

Anah turned to Rebekah for some comfort

Ms. Grumpy in church

Teaching Opportunities

I had the chance to teach a lab near the end of the school year for the Christian School. Someone donated an owl pellet dissection kit for the school. I taught the first lab for the younger students and a second lab for the older students.

Josiah came to school to participate with the class but after one look at the pellet full of fur and feathers, he refused to touch it.

Some good lookin' kids

These are the girls Easter dresses. 
(Thank you grandma!)

The handsome young men....

This was the Sunday following Easter. The boys picked out their own matching clothes and again, the girls dresses are from grandma :)

Bekah: "Anah, hold my hand for the picture!"
Anah: (thinking) 'I don't want to hold your hand!'

I know I am cute:)

 How can you not love this face!