Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Ninjas

Recently, my boys received their edition of the Lego Club magazine. In it, was a tutorial on how to take a t-shirt and turn it into a Ninjago mask. All the next day they were ninjas. When I posted this picture to Facebook, I found out that other Moms everywhere were experiencing the same "ninja phenomenon".

Bekah wasn't in the original picture because she needed and "attitude adjustment".

What were we thinking....

At least I have a spot that I can contain them in...for hours at a time.

Field trip

While we were in Liberal, Kansas for the Lego competition, we decided to stop by the air museum and mark it down as a field trip day for school. We also had the joy of having grandma and grandpa from Colorado there with us. We greatly enjoyed taking them on our field trip.

Jr. FLL Lego club

Micah and Josiah were able to participate in a LEGO Club through our local homeschool co-op. It took them several months to research their topic, brainstorm, and then build their creation from legos. They learned the concept of teamwork and how to build simple machines. When they were finished the team went out of town with their project and were able to compete against other kids from all across the state of Kansas and even Oklahoma.
Their team won "most cooperative".