Sunday, January 20, 2013

Schooling Josiah

Josiah has been learning how to read this year along with some other K-4 activities. I still absolutly love Starfall for reading activities but I am also a big fan of notebook pages or free printable pages. Since things have been tight around here, we haven't purchased ink for our printer in a long time. I decided to come up with my own worksheets.

I won't deny that this takes a considerable amount of time to prepare but when your options are make them from scratch or don't school right now... I also carried this idea over to the calendars in my binder. (BTW As part of my new year's resolution I've started organizing our family schedule in a binder, but that could be a whole other post :)

These are two of the book that I checked out of our Christian School's library. They are very good for hands-on practice of the concept he is learning.

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