Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting ready to start Kindergarten

I have been considering for Micah, three different homeschool programs. The first was My Father's World. I was impressed with the simplicity of the lesson plans along with the overall Christ centered theme that existed in each subject.
The second program was A.C.E. which stands for accelerated christian education. I was aware of this program because my father-in-law has used it to start up two different christian schools. It is a christian school curriculum but it has been tailor to aid the homeschool family. Their first option is to enroll in Lighthouse Christian Academy. Micah would be a satellite student. I would teach him, grade his papers, and mail all of his work in. They would keep all the records for me. The second option would be to purchase their workbooks and keep all my own records.
Lastly, there was Heart of Dakota. I bought the preschool program and enjoyed the layout of the lessons but it was not a good fit for Micah and his learning style. I will be using it for Josiah next year because it is a much better fit for him. This program would work excellent for the mom who wishes to homeschool using the workbox program. There are different categories for each part of the lesson and it would be simple to set up "boxes" for a student to work through. It's kinda like compartmentalizing.
And the winner is........

 I have decided to do year round school since our school week is only 2-3 days each week. A.C.E. allows me 12 mo. for Micah to complete all his paces (though I have been told he will go through them incredible fast even though he will be part-time). Now I need to decide if we will go 2 mo. on and 1 mo. off or 3 mo. on and 1 mo. off.

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