Monday, July 22, 2013

Zipper Nippers

It's old news that Micah loves the zip line. He only went down it a million times last year at camp. He kinda takes after his mom, who earned the nickname Zippany during her high school camp years :)

This year Josiah and Rebekah would not be outdone by their big brother. It was kinda hard telling the pictures apart since they all wore the blue youth group shirt that day, but here are each of the kids.

That little blue dot right above the tree is me. Josiah (and Bekah) were not strong enough to take the rope up the zip line. 

Yeah, for Josiah!

Yes, they make a harness especially for the little ones. It was just Bekah's size. Believe it or not, there was another little girl who was just a tad smaller than Bekah, who went also.

Rebekah was fearless when she jumped! Before her harness was even hooked to the zip line, she was standing at the edge of the platform with no fear. At the time my stomach lurched because the first thought I had was, "She doesn't know she needs to be hooked up before she jumps." Even now it makes me queasy to remember her lack of fear.

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