Monday, September 2, 2013

The Baby Blessing!

Now I totally realize that this is actually old news to some of you but I didn't even bother trying to write a post or put up pictures until I was comfortably out of the "I feel like I am dying and haven't left the sofa for six weeks" stage of morning sickness :)

Here is my official release:
We are expecting another baby!!

These photos are technically outdated because I took them when I was 12 wks pregnant. Now I am somewhere between 15 & 16 wks now but I won't post current pictures till somewhere around 20 wks. Then hopefully I will scan in an ultrasound picture and be able to reveal if we are a having another drama queen or booger picker :)

I also have a future post in mind. With this pregnancy, we (Chris and I) have been confronted quite a bit with out apparent "lack of birth control" or our inability to figure out what keeps "causing this". Chris and I have had quite a change of heart when it comes to our family as a whole but I have not been able to express it on paper, in a way that I am pleased with. Until then, just ask me and I will give you the "in person, soapbox" version :)

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