Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Camp

We had the wonderful opportunity to go to Family Camp recently. Our church rented a lodge for one night, that had three sleeping rooms, a kitchen, and a common area with a wood fireplace (sigh*). We originally had it set up so that all of the Joneses would be in one room, men in the second room and women in the third room with the children divided up with which ever parent they would sleep with. We ended up only have two other families stay for the overnight part so each family was able to stay in a room together.

This was our room. The boys were thrilled to sleep on top of the
bunkbeds! Anah and Bekah both did decent on the floor
and the crib.

It was so wonderful to have a wood fireplace to roast marshmallows
and sit around. We ended up putting the kids to bed and the adults stayed
up past midnight, laughing, cutting up and playing board games.

The next morning the kids enjoyed pancakes and sausage
and a late morning in their pajamas!

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