Sunday, November 18, 2012

Report card

Micah began school this year in Faith Baptist Academy instead of being home schooled. He was already familiar with the curriculum since it was the same one we used last year. He is absolutely thriving in the christian school environment. I am in the wonderfully unique situation of being able to teach at the school. I stepped in as substitute teacher the first week in Nov. and I will be able to again the first week of Dec. Honestly, ACE's learning center is like homeschool on steroids! I love it! There are only seven students enrolled this year so it would be no different than a family with 7 children doing school each day. Yet with the other students present, there is more of a sense of order (I like order) and there is even some friendly competition and a wonderful reward system for good grades.

Every 9 weeks each student gets a report card to inform the parents of his grades, behaviors and number of paces completed for the quarter.

Math and English were Micah's worst subjects when I schooled him. It was a constant battle every day for me to try and find fun, creative ways for him to do his school work but it always ended up with me forcing him to complete his work and him doing poorly. 
Yes, Micah's report card states he is an A+ student. He has completed 23 paces in 9 weeks (an amazingly fast rate), he read 168 wpm and comprehends 98% of what he reads. He also reads aloud better than the 4th and 5th graders at school. He memorized 41 verses of the Bible during his 9 weeks.

A mother couldn't be more proud...

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