Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Micah gets baptized

I was going through the photos on my camera and realized I never posted these.
In June of this year, Micah prayed and accepted the free gift of salvation! After many, many months of teaching and praying for him, he came to the realization and he could never be good enough to get to heaven on his own. He understood that Christ had already paid his sin debt by dying on the cross, and all Micah had to do was admit he was a sinner unable to save himself, believe on Jesus Christ and accept the gift of salvation.

Micah then began asking questions about being baptized. We were able to explain to him that being baptized was not what saved you or allowed you into heaven but that it was an outward expression of the work that Jesus has done in a persons heart. We also told him that as a new christian, it was an opportunity to be obedient to God's commands.

We waited until we had moved to Kansas and Micah's Papaw had the joy of baptizing his first grandchild and now brother in Christ.

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