Friday, February 15, 2013

Beginning a new ministry

We are four weeks into our new youth group program. We picked the It's Grow Time curriculum because of its structure and materials. It is set up for a younger age group and an older age group. Our first Wed. night we had 12 children ranging from 4-14. Our second Wed. night we added 3 teenagers and 2 youngers. By our fourth Wed. night we had 20! Praise God!! We had great plans to go door knocking or fundraisers or anything else we could think of to add kids to our youth department. We began praying for our youth and our ministry. God showed us that what ever great plans we have, it is He who will provide the increase.

Now is the part where we wait patiently to see who will become a regular. If this will be our consistent group, we will divide the classes and separate the teenagers from the older children and start a new curriculum based on their age level. What an amazing problem to have!

Thank you God, for creating a willing heart in us and using us for your glory!

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