Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random acts of kindness

I have caught the kids doing some things lately that just thrill my heart. So many of a mother's days are filled with disciplining, training, repeating the same phrases over and over again, and fixing problems. It is almost enough to bring me to tears when my children physically model some of the behaviors I so desperately what them to learn.

Micah really enjoys learning how to care for his sister. He has always been eager from the start but now he is developing initiative. 
"Mom, Anah is crying. Can I go feed her for you?"

Rebekah and Josiah both had cheese crackers for snack one day. I was completely frustrated with the mess that comes from eating bright orange crackers. I made the comment, "You need to clean up your mess" more for the purpose of showing them how messy they had been rather then them actually cleaning. Bekah looked at the floor and with an "Oh, my" ran and got the broom and delegated dust pan duty to Josiah. I was so shocked!! Obviously they needed help to complete the task but I silently thanked God for a teachable moment and helped them sweep the crumbs up.

Josiah normally gets up at 7a with Micah on school days. He headed up stairs without me. I don't know when the idea came to him to do this. It might have been when he reached the top of the stairs and looked in my room; it could have been he had a dream about it. When Micah and I came upstairs only minutes later, Josiah comes out of my room and with a smile, proudly announces, "Mommy, I made your bed." I left it just the way it was for the rest of the day. When daddy asked him if it was hard he said, "Yes. You have a big bed."

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